GERAUER® products adopts special composite nano material, according to OEM standard production, without any noise and dust, with smooth and comfortable brake advantages.
Modified brake pads for racing divided into home series、street series and sports series.
Home series:Friction coefficient is 0.36, braking smoothly, steadily and comfortable in room temperature. Modified brake system is in order to improve the braking sensitivity, and shorten the braking distance, ensure the driving safety.
Street series:Friction coefficient is 0.45, braking steadily and sensitively both high and room temperature, suitable for the quick start and stop between the streets, variable speed and change lanes in expressway and also emotional catharsis in empty road.
Sports series:Friction coefficient is 0.58, it changes from 0.45 to 0.6 gradually when the temperature increases, braking effects in higher temperature, heat fading are both remarkable, especially suitable for professional racing driver.